One of the challenges I have heard most intending authors voice out is “I don’t know where to start from”

So if that is you, take a sit and grab a cup of anything that gets you in the right frame of mind and let’s dive in.

Begin By Gaining Clarity

Like any venture of worth, the best place to begin from is to define what you really want to achieve. What is the big picture or vision for your writing business?

Do you want to write full-time or is writing going to be a side gig for you?

Do you want to use writing to build or grow a business or are you just content with writing for the fun of it?

Answering all these questions that we deal with inside the Platinum Level of the writers and speakers mastermind is the absolute best place to start.

What Solution Will Your Writing Deliver

Once you have gained clarity about the direction you want your writing to go, the next thing to do is to choose a solution you will bring to the marketplace with your book or words.

You have to understand that if there is going to be any form of exchange for money down the line, your book has to be positioned as a solution.

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In fact, it is not enough for your book to be a solution, it should be a solution to a specific problem that a specific audience has. It should be the “Panadol” someone with a migraine in the area you write about needs to take for relief.

For example, if you are writing in the health and fitness niche, you have to determine which of the numerous fitness migraines you want to solve with your book. Then you move on to choose those you want to solve this problem for.

My wife if a fitness freak and tries her best to stay in shape all the time. She always has a personal trainer who helps her maximize her time in the gym to get a particular result (shape)

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When she was pregnant with our princess, she was still concerned about keeping fit but this time, she needed a specialized kind of fitness training. So she ditched her long-term trainer for another one who trains pregnant women!

What’s the point?

Don’t be the trainer for everybody in your market. Choose a subsection of the market you are passionate about and tailor your writing to help them.

While I have helped a lot of second and third time authors make the most of their writing business, my primary focus and target are usually “first-time” authors.

I help them cut to the chase, save more time and money as they journey towards becoming published authors.

So I will continue on the next steps to take subsequently but until then, let me know your answer to the following questions in the comments below.


1. What is your vision for your writing business?
2. What solution is your intended book delivering?

And of course, you can ask any questions you have as well.