Have you written and published a book that didn’t do as well as you thought it would?
Are you skeptical about writing and publishing because you are afraid the book would flop?
Or have you tried severally to get your ideas on paper to no avail because you don’t know where to start?

Whether you are a serial author or an intending author, the concern for the outcome of your book is something I completely relate with.

You see, I wrote and published more than 20 books before I eventually discovered what I am about to share with you. Each time I set out to write another book, I felt like this was going to be “it”

So I would have high hopes and expectation for my coming book only to be greatly disappointed at the end of the day.

At one point, I thought if I got a better publisher I will be good to go.

At another time, I invested more in my marketing but guess what, I only ended up more frustrated than the last time.

But fast forward to today, I have written and published more than 60 books for myself and my clients. 5 of mine have gone on to become #1 bestsellers. I also handled my wife’s book and made it a #1 bestseller in less than 24hours after it launched! I have helped several other clients publish books that have gone on to become bestsellers as well.

And in all my journeys, I have come to the conclusion that there are basically 7 reasons why books fail.

These include the reasons my first 20 books didn’t sell up to my expectation and other reasons I have seen with my clients too.

So if you are ready to learn what they are and prevent your book from being the next case study of a failed book projects, grab a cup of coffee or anything that gets you in a learning zone and let’s dive in

7 Reasons Books Fail And How To Avoid Them

1) Writing the wrong book

Okay, I get it. This can seem counter-intuitive but it’s the absolute truth!

You see, the #1 reason books fail is that authors go all the way to write a book that shouldn’t have been written in the first place.

Yes, there is such a thing as a “wrong book” and I am going to explain that to you right now.

A wrong book is a book that the market of readers doesn’t need to read. It is a book that is author-focused instead of reader-focused.

It is that kind of book you write just because you think you have an idea that the world needs to read about. It is the book project you embark on without really making sure it is actually something people want.

You see, from the marketing point of view, there are only a few things harder than selling what people don’t need. You will end up spending all the time trying to convince people that they need what you have to offer. And often times, if you have to do that, then something is missing in the product-market equation.

Of course, you can get your granny, your mum and all your uncles and cousins to buy your book but if you want to write one that will spread like wildfire, it has to be something that the market is in NEED of.

The Cure:

Before you spend all the time, money and effort on that book, take a moment to answer the following

1) What problem does the information in this book help readers solve?
2) How can the information in this book improve the lives of readers?
3) Is there any proof that a good number of people are looking for information/solution on this topic?

If you answered more of “no” or “I don’t know” to the questions above, then it is very likely you are about to write the wrong book.

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Okay, let me put it plainly:

Any book that doesn’t solve a specific problem for its readers is a wrong book.

2) Undefined Publishing Goals

The second reason books fail is because authors fail to define the goal or vision for their books ahead of time. But in the interest of keeping this post short and easy to finish, I will talk about that in the next post.

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But in the meantime, let’s have some fun in the comments below.


What is the book you are planning to write about? And what are your answers to these 3 questions with respect to the book you are planning to write?