Write And Publish Your Book In A Weekend

Write And Publish Your Book In A Weekend workshop

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1) Have you ever wished you could finally write and publish that book you always wanted to write?2) Are you tired of feeling stuck in the writing and publishing process for the same reasons why 90% of intending authors fail?

If yes, please read on because all that is about to change for you

You can finally get your book done in a weekend (even if you have a full time job and little children)!

Leading publishing experts take you by the hand and get the HARD work done with you in just a single Saturday.


“Write And Publish Your Book In A Weekend” WORKSHOP: Invest One Saturday With 6-Time Bestselling Authors And Become A Published Author!

In case you haven’t noticed:

  • The publishing game has changed in 2019?
  • More non-professional writers (everyday people with little or no writing skills) are quickly and easily publishing new books following a proven system?
  • While most authors never sell enough copies of their books to cover the cost of publishing, some authors are making a full-time income off the proceeds of their book.

Now, you could go out and read every book on Writing, Marketing and Publishing books, spend thousands of dollars and weeks/months attending publishing events and actually go out in the field to try this stuff like we have done in the last 10+ years.

Or …

Attend this FULL Day Workshop and literally walk away with your own book (no kidding)

Who Is This For?

  • You know you have a book in you but don’t know where to start from.
  • You have a message, story or expertise that you want to share with the world
  • You want to write a book someday but are unclear what to write about..
  • You have started writing your book but are stuck and lack the motivation to complete it.
  • You are afraid that you don’t have the right skill set, experience or time to put together a proper book
  • You just need someone to hold your hand and walk you through the whole writing and publishing process

Just $350 today!

100% satisfaction guarantee

Secure payment

What To Expect

  • Clarity on your message and the best topic(s) to write about for maximum success.
  • Discover top places to find readers with cash in hand looking to buy your book (even if you are a newbie and nobody ever heard your name before).
  • Complete outline for your book from cover to cover.
  • Discover the secret rapid writing system for finishing your book content in hours not days, weeks, months or years. (We will actually block time for this during the workshop).
  • Complete the 8-step secret to a selling book introduction.
  • Complete your book description and author profile.
  • Walk away with your own customized book launch play book.


  • Access to the “Write And Publish Your Book” Online course ($397 value)
  • Walk away with your own customized 30-day marketing calendar ($197 value)
  • 2 FREE cover art design for your book ($97 value)
  • 15 bestselling book title templates ($47 value)
  • Book Monetization Tutorial: 7 ways to make $500 from your book before it is published ($197 value)
  • 30 days support after the workshop via WhatsApp ($147 value)That’s a total of $1084 value in BONUS!

Just $350 today!

100% satisfaction guarantee

Secure payment

The Investment

The Book In A Weekend Workshop usually costs $1000 per participant to attend. But this edition has been discounted to $500!

However, you can get in for the early bird price of $350 till Tuesday July 30th, 2019.

After that, the price goes up to $500.

NB: Couples are welcome for only $700

Seats are limited for this workshop so make that investment today!

To register, simply make a Paypal Transfer of $350 to Lasouch Publishing here.


Once done, send us an email today (layo@layocharlesemmanuel.com) to secure yours before it is filled up.

Invest With Confidence …

Your purchase is backed up by our iron clad 100% guarantee.

If you attend the workshop and do not think it was worth way more than your investment, we will refund you 100% and you still get to keep the bonuses.

Seats are limited for this workshop so send us an email today (layo@layocharlesemmanuel.com) to secure yours before it is filled up.

This Saturday can be the day that you finally get your book done.

Send that email today and lets get you set up for the workshop.

Just $350 today!

100% satisfaction guarantee

Secure payment

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