Make N100k From Your Book (Even Before It Is Published)


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How To Make 100k From Your Book Before It Is Published

If you are a writer, a speaker or a coach who is considering writing and publishing a book then there are a few things you must know:

While less than 0.06% of intending authors ever get to publish their books, more than 90% of published books don’t get to sell more than 200 copies in the book’s lifetime!

Let me say that in another way …

Out of every 100,000 persons out there; 90,000 want to write a book.

Then, of the 90,000 people intending to write a book 87,300 won’t finish writing their book

Then of the 2,700 who finish their books, only 54 of them would get published!

But worse is the fact that of the 54 who finish and get published more than 48 of them won’t sell more than 200 copies in the lifetime of the book.

So only about 6 people out of 2,700 people that finish their books ever get to sell more than 200 copies!

This means writing and getting published are only a part of the equation. A more important concern for authors and soon-to-be authors should be monetizing their books.

And quite frankly, selling books these days have become more difficult because of the information overload out there.

Now, after writing and publishing well over 20 of my books without generating any reasonable revenue, I decided to go on an adventurous search for what it takes to sell more books.

I studied and studied every book launch I could find. I wanted to know what it took those who sold a lot of books to do so.

I also wanted to know why certain authors seem to be able to live off the revenue from their books while so many others can barely pay for the cost of publishing the books.

In my search, not only did I discover how to greatly increase the revenue from my books, I also learnt how to make money from the book before it is published!

That way, almost all the cost of publishing the book is covered upfront and so every revenue made from the book sale is pure profit!

Beginning next Monday 2nd July, I am taking a couple of writers, speakers and coaches on a FREE book marketing challenge. During that challenge, I will be showing them how to make N100,000/$500 from their books before it is even published.

It’s completely free and all you have to do to participate is to join the Writers And Speakers Mastermind Group on Facebook (that’s where the challenge will be happening)

Even if you have already written and published your book, I guarantee you that you will find this challenge so valuable too.

So if you are in, click the link below and request access to the Writers And Speakers Mastermind Group NOW.


This is not make money for doing nothing scheme. So if you are not willing to do the work, please don’t bother joining.

But if you are committed to do the work and getting paid for it, this is for you. Visit the link at once and secure your spot today.



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